Owner & Dedicated Mother

Currently in her second year in law school, Cindy is also a dedicated mother, wife and entrepreneur with a natural ability to connect with children of different ages and background. She has enjoyed working with children all her life and always seeks their welfare.

From High School, through college and beyond, she has worked with children at different levels: a childcare volunteer at her local church, a pupil teacher, a nanny / sitter with various families and presently an assistant at the children’s ministry of her local church.

As a mother and an individual with experience working with children, she understands the importance of having the right individual care for your loved ones.

It is on this backdrop that Signet Nannies was established. The mission of Signet Nannies is to refer candidates who are reliable, trustworthy and resourceful – that is the mark of a Signet Nannythat is what the Signet Seal is about.

Specialties: Newborn Care Specialists, Full-time, Part-time and Temporary Nannies in both live-in and live-out positions; Occasional babysitters and sitters for special events.

Connect with Cindy at:  |  404-798-5966

I am a mother of 2 young children. My son was very ill with chronic respiratory infections and hospitalizations. He had severe separation anxiety. Cindy was our Mary Poppins. She has an unlimited amount of patience, knowledge, cheery and nurturing. Not only did she care for my children as her own, she cared for their parents as well. Any child is lucky to have her in their lives.

Stephany Maas Heller

I have known Cindy for about five years now. I first met her in church where she took care of my sons and other children in the Saved Ministry (Children’s church). She is a dedicated and loving person. She is patient with children and she shows love and concern to the children under her care. I have learned a lot from Cindy as a child care professional and I still get amazed by how she handles behaviors that could have otherwise been a challenge. She inspires me as I try to emulate her calmness in the field of childcare.


Vanessa Brown

Placement Coordinator

This is Vanessa Brown, she just recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband and her two dogs. She has 13 siblings, so loud, busy chaos is just another day for her.

Vanessa got her start in child-care as her interest grew from watching her siblings, learning how to care for others, and noticing the natural ability to attract the smiles of young children. Vanessa became a certified preschool teacher during her senior year in high school and continued to pursue her knowledge of childhood development through college courses and state certifications. Through those certifications, Vanessa was able to land the title of an Infant Specialist.

As a childcare provider, Vanessa has recognized the importance of learning through play and life experiences to help grow strong, communicative, fun, loving children! She looks forward to making every experience with her unforgettable!

Amy Wilkes

Social Media Manager

Amy has been working for Signet Nannies for two years in social media marketing.She is a wife, mom of two girls, elementary school teacher, graduate student, and used to be a nanny herself.

She resides in the state of Alaska currently due to her husband’s job but will be moving back towards the south this summer. She loves finding creative ways to bring attention to Signet Nannies through social media posts, stories, reels, blogs, etc.

She enjoys creating and designing posts for Signet Nannies and has done so for two years now. In her spare time, she is studying to finish her masters in elementary education and spending time with her family and pets.