A signet means a seal of authority…….

At Signet Nannies, we are only focused on finding and representing the best caregivers within the industry. You may have experience in child care and enjoy working with children, but do you have what it takes to be a ‘great’ nanny?

Signet Traits to being a ‘Great’ Nanny


The consideration for all families, whether as a stay-at-home parent or working parent, is the same. They seek caregivers who can ‘stay’ and who they can depend on. To be a great nanny doesn’t mean giving up your whole life and never clocking off again, but it most certainly does mean knowing where your priorities lie. Signet Nannies does not represent individuals who are ‘passing through’ and need something to do. We only seek caregivers who are passionate about child care with a commitment to stay for the long term.


The childcare industry is a ‘people business’ where families entrust their young ones to caregivers. These families are most comfortable when they know that they can get the truth in all situations from the caregiver. Signet Nannies is interested in individuals with a high sense of integrity and with an ability to be positive role models for the children they care for.


A great nanny does not only take care of the children, but she is also knowledgeable in age-appropriate resources and activities for the children under her care. With most families these days having one or both parents working, families seek caregivers they know can be a resource to their children, such as helping the kids with homework and teaching another language. Signet Nannies seek resourceful caregivers with a demonstrated ability in age-appropriate activities for children.

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