Families that hire nannies and other domestic workers often do not know or have limited information regarding their roles and responsibilities as domestic household employers. Signet Nannies has therefore partnered with two of the experts in the industry to offer comprehensive information to our families.

  1. HomePay

    HomePay, Provided by Breedlove is the nation’s leading payroll and tax firm for household employers. Families that hire a nanny, senior caregiver, or other domestic worker use HomePay’s comprehensive service to ensure their employee is paid accurately and on time each pay period. The company also prepares and files federal and state tax returns for each client and handles the year-end tax requirements, including preparing a W-2 for the employee. Signet Nannies has partnered with HomePay to offer tax and employer obligation consultation.

  1. Homework Solutions

    HomeWork Solutions has been helping families manage household payroll for nearly 30 years. Our flexible service offerings manage all payroll and tax obligations for employer and employee, taking the burden off your shoulders. We strive also to go beyond the dollars and paperwork to become a true partner in household employment. We’re happy to offer Signet Nannies’ clients free consultations to talk through your specific situation even before you sign up! We monitor employment laws across the country to ensure you have the latest information and, if you get a tax notice all you need to do is send it to us and we’ll take care of it.

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