As a dedicated nanny agency that is focused on only the best for our families, Signet Nannies has put together some relevant services in and around Atlanta as a resource for parents.

1. Swimkids of Georgia

Swimkids of Georgia strives to deliver the highest standard of swimming instruction. The swim school is home to highly trained swim instructors who are dedicated to teaching children the essentials of aquatic survival.


Child safety is very important. Caregivers and parents need to be abreast with current techniques to offer emergency help to the children in their care if needed. The International CPR institute and American Academy of CPR and First Aid offer training courses and certification.

3. Emory Women’s Center

This is part of the Emory Healthcare system that is dedicated to providing general gynecology and obstetrical care. The team is focused on attending to the pregnancy and delivery needs of its patients with care and compassion. The new location at Emory Women’s Center at Findley connects patients with general OB-GYN providers and Certified Nurse Midwives. Contact: 404-778-3401

4. Holistic Wellness Practice

Courtney Daniels is a therapist who offers individual, couples & group counseling for pregnancy, postpartum, parenting challenges, life transitions, relationship stressors, and grief/loss. Courtney is also a certified perinatal mental health provider and certified bringing baby home educator.

5. Healthcare for Nannies

Insurance is one of the confusing areas to deal with especially for nannies. Jason Oppenheimer is a specialist who knows how to keep nannies safe, keep more money in your pocket and get the needed care.

6. Tidy Tooty

Tidy Tooty is a cloth diaper service that picks up, launder, fold and return clean cloth diapers every week. The company touts the environmental, economic and other benefits of using diapers.

7. My First Workout

MY FIRST WORKOUT® is a progressive exercise program carefully designed by Certified Personal Trainer and Founder, Michelle Miller, who has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. The first program comes inside the kit and prepares the body for 11 more programs in the series. Each exercise is demonstrated by children under the guidance of Michelle in a fun and personal video.

8. Pop Up Baby

PopUp Baby is a mobile gym for babies and toddlers. It provides a clean safe space for babies and toddlers to explore and have fun. They cater to several events such as birthdays, private playdates and more. It is located in Douglasville, GA, but services all of Atlanta and surrounding areas.

9. Milk + Honey Company

Milk + Honey is a lactation and postpartum services company that provides holistic and evidence based information to families transitioning into parenthood.