What to Expect and Your Options
With this school year coming to an end abruptly in March, we are now in a new season with schooling and care for our children. It’s been challenging for the children, teachers, and of course us parents too. First, let me just say we made it through the end of the 2019-2020 school year so give yourselves all a pat on the back! Whew! But now as we face back to school, it could look quite different due to COVID-19. We want to share with you what to expect and your options for the school year.

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What to Expect this School Year:


Depending on where you are, this could look different but for us here in the Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas, we are looking at a reopening of schools but in sectors. Our governor and officials are also giving us more details on what to expect, which include:

  • School districts are given the option to close school buildings in the event of the spreading of the virus.
  • School districts are participating in contact tracing with health officials
  • School districts are to place educational signs on good hygiene in the schools
  • School districts will decide how to handle students and teachers who show symptoms of the virus
  • Some districts could be implementing a Distance Learning Plan.


There are some recommendations that have been put out for the students this school year too. This is also determined by the location of community spread: substantial, minimal/moderate, and low/no as discussed in Georgia’s Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools.

  • Face coverings: these are being recommended based on the level of community spread. Students, teachers, and families will also need to be provided on information regarding how to properly use, remove, and wash their face masks. The CDC has some more information on recommendations here.
  • Hygiene: back to school 2020: back to school 2020: students will be taught measures such as handwashing, covering coughs, and face coverings.
  • Supplies: schools will be equipped with proper hand soap and sanitizer for the student’s continual good hygiene.
  • Meals: could see meals being served in the classrooms or in spaced seating in the cafeteria with disposable plates, utensils, etc., or staggered meal times.
  • Large Group Gatherings: students will have to follow distancing and parge groups where students gather is discouraged like paring lot, gymnasiums, etc.
  • Schedules: some students depending on their locations could see Distance Learning Plans, or even A/B schedules where groups of students alternate between days of attendance.

What does all this mean?

Students this year may have to continue practicing all the social distancing and not able to enjoy their friends, activities, etc. like they were used to doing prior to COVID-19. We understand this is a big adjustment for children and something we have not seen before. Be considerate of all these changes and some emotions that your children show when it comes to back to school. Let us be there to support and encourage our students during such a hard and unique experience of possibly returning to school.

As of not, all of the following guidelines depends on your location. As Georgia’s Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools states, some students and staff could be on an online school setup like we saw this past school year to help stop the spread of COVID-19 while others return with some restrictions and guidelines to follow.

Your Options for the School Year:

We understand that some families may not want their children to return to school this fall or others who would like to hear the options so we want to inform you that there are many education options available:
Public School– how this will look is laid out for us here in Georgia’s Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools.
Private School– these typically have smaller size classrooms and may not have the exact restrictions as public schools.
Homeschooling- this is an option for families that are not wanting their children to return to school.
If you are a parent that found yourself helping your children through school online this past spring, you may have found that this is a great option for your family. With the spread of COVID-19, some families are leery of sending their children back to school. Or they have found that their children are excelling and doing well with a more 1:1 setting that is favorable to their own personal growth and their family’s overall well-being too!
If you are considering homeschooling let us share with you some benefits:
  • Flexibility- whether your child is behind schedule or ahead, you have the choice to work ahead or get caught up
  • Family’s choice of pace and approach- you are able to pick the daily/weekly schedule, approach, curriculum, and more
  • Community involvement- more time for serving the community
  • Low student-teacher ratio- very low ratio depending on the number of children in the home
  • Meaningful learning- no more busy/wasted work, or concentration jus ton testing

There are also other benefits besides academics like benefits in mental health, social development, and physical health (less likely to be exposed to sickness).

If you are considering homeschooling and having your kids stay at home this school year, Signet Nannies have resourceful and qualified caregivers who will take over the work and the worry of childcare. We can help find the perfect caregiver to help you with your homeschooling wishes. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to give us a call at 678-637-5559 or email us at info@signetnannies.com.
Also, for any family that signs up for a full-time live-in or live-out nanny, you will automatically be enrolled in our Premier Babysitting Membership: that has access to qualified, pre-screened babysitters for a year. ($300 value)
We know this school year is still unpredictable with all that is happening with the virus right now so as we prepare for back to school, we hope you will take into consideration what is best for your family. No matter what you decide, you are making the best decisions for your child’s education and your family.
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