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Are you yawning, and downing that 4th cup of coffee for the day? Is it because you are struggling with sleep issues with your child?

You are not alone! Many parents struggle with getting their child to sleep on their own, and to stay asleep for a healthy length of time. But you do not have to struggle!

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Did you know there are professional Sleep Consultants out there, ready to help your child get a restful night’s sleep?

A Sleep Consultant is there to guide you, the parent, on how to help your child fall asleep without assistance. You can do this by making adjustments according to what is best for your family.

Kayla Grundorf, of “Keep Asleep with Kayla” is a Sleep Consultant based in Dallas, Georgia. We interviewed her to hear more about this important job, and to help offer you some tips and tricks to help your child (and you mama and dada) sleep better!

Tell us about you and your business.

My Business as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant is work with families with children aged newborn up to 11 years old. I help families that need help with sleep. Most parents that come to me are having sleep challenges that are either waking up multiple times a night, refusing naps, waking up too early, or want to no longer co-sleep. I help by establishing healthy sleep habits, removing sleep props, and keeping the parents involved every step of the way. (no cry it out method). 

What’s the hardest part of sleep training for anyone?

I would have to say implementing changes and sticking to the new sleep routines.

How long do you suggest a child nap until?

Most children typically stop napping anywhere from 3-4 years old.

What tips would you have for parents right now during the quarantine and everyone at home?

If you are ready to get your child sleeping well, now is the time. I always advise families starting with me to make sure that they have no plans for the next 2-3 weeks for us to focus on working together on their child’s sleep. When your child sleeps well it improves their mood, which helps keep us parents sane! 

How do we stay on a sleep routine during these times?

I always advise you to follow the time awake. If your child stays awake too much for their age can cause them to get overtired which results in them refusing sleep, night wake-ups, and/or waking up early.
Following the correct time awake and having an appropriate nap time routine and bedtime routine make all the difference in helping you all stay on track. As I like to say sleep begets sleep.

Can you share what type of services you are offering right now and how people can get a hold of you? (Do you help virtually and in-person?)

My services are Newborn plan (0-3 months old), Infant plan (3.5 months-18 months), Toddler Plan (18 months-3 years old), and Older child plan (4 years old-11 years old). I help families all over virtually and locally. If local, you can opt to have an in-person consultation. I also can help by helping the first half of the night on day 1 or a full night help plus the sleep plan. 

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You can learn more by visiting Kayla’s website at www.keepasleepwithkayla.com or you can email her at keepasleepwithkayla@gmail.com. You can also follow her on Instagram where she shares sleep tips and can help answer any questions. She can be found on Instagram at @kayla.grundorf. She’s also found on Facebook if you search for Keep Asleep with Kayla LLC! 

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So parents, please do not struggle with sleepless nights. Get the help you deserve and need. Contact Kayla now and let her assist!

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