Benefits of Summer Nanny

Will you be going back to the office for your work this summer? After COVID-19, you may prefer not to send your child to a daycare facility or to an out of home childcare center. And we hear you!

This virus has shaken us to our core, and we now have to get used to a new normal. For you and your family, that may mean you prefer to find a different method of childcare while you work. Hiring a nanny for your needs may be exactly what you are looking for right now!

The benefits of hiring a nanny are numerous, here a few:

  1. You are in control of who you hire!
  2. A strong bonding connection.
  3. More awareness of your child’s own unique needs.
  4. Little daily preparation work involved.
  5. Nannies are flexible.
  6. Your child can be kept safe at home!

But what if you are just needing a summer nanny, someone to care for your children until school starts back up again in the fall?

Again, a summer nanny is a great option and many nanny placement agencies provide temporary nanny placements, such as us here at Signet Nannies. Perfect for summer care, or any other short-term care needs.

But now is the time to start looking! The demand for a summer nanny is high. You are not the only one looking for childcare options at this time. Most every other family you know is looking for the exact same thing. So, start your search NOW!

Benefits of Summer Nanny

We also want to ease your stress by seeking a summer nanny, so we’ve included the top 5 tips for doing so.

5 Tips for Seeking a Summer Nanny:

  1. Start now– As I stated above, most everyone will be looking for temporary childcare options in the summer. Get going! Doing so will allow you to have plenty of time and options. The longer you wait, the higher chance you will encounter of not having your top pick for a nanny.
  2. Create a detailed job description- Be clear and specific in sharing EXACTLY what you are looking for in a nanny. Thoroughly explain tasks and expectations. Do you expect your caregiver to drive your child to summer swim lessons, or day camps? Do you want your nanny to perform housekeeping duties? Creating a clear and detailed job description will save you and your potential nanny time during the hiring process, and beyond.
  3. Decide if you want your nanny to have special summer skills- During the summer months, your child’s schedule looks very different than during the school year. And often, there are more activities involved. You want your nanny comfortable with any possible activities. Such as swimming, park and zoo visits, or any other outdoor activities. If having your child outdoors often is important to you, make sure your potential nanny is skilled and confident in getting your child outdoors.
  4. Thoroughly interview your potential nanny- As with any time you are hiring a potential caregiver for your child, do not downplay the interview process, just because this may be a temporary placement. Create and be specific with your needs and the needs of your child. Check on references. Ask ALL the questions. Don’t settle for the first person you interview. Have the potential nanny shadow you. Be confident this is the BEST caregiver for your circumstances.
  5. Continue the relationship you started, beyond the summer months- Yes, a summer nanny is a temporary position. But your relationship with that person does not have to be! Keep in touch. You may need to hire this person during school breaks. Or again next summer. At the end of the summer, you will have built a relationship with a trusted provider. And that is something you DO NOT want to lose.

Benefits of Summer Nanny 

Let Signet Nannies help you start the process of finding your perfect summer childcare provider! Signet Nannies understands your need and takes the work and worry by helping families find caregivers who are the perfect fit for your family’s unique needs.

And right now, for any placement made in May, a family will automatically be given an annual babysitting membership with the agency. That is a $300 value! This is only applicable to full time, live-in & live-out, part-time and temporary nannies.

Contact us today at or call us at 678-637-5559.





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