Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? If so, let us say congratulations! To become a parent, whether it’s your first or fourth, is one of the greatest of gifts. But as I am sure you know, it is one gift that requires a lot of preparation. Especially when it comes to the current state of 2020 and an ongoing pandemic.

Today we are going to share 8 ways to be ready for the arrival of your new precious baby!

Set Up A Baby Registry

Due to social distancing, you may not get to have the big beautiful baby shower you once dreamed of. And it’s okay to mourn that. But chances are, that friends and family will still be anxious to help you get ready for the newest addition. Creating a registry that you can easily share, will help them know exactly what you need. And by setting it up where they can mail the items directly to your house, will be an even bigger lifesaver.

Prepare Your Home for Baby

You have been spending a lot of time at home. And with newborn life, you will be spending even more time at home. With that fact, you will want to spend an extra amount of time getting your entire house ready for the new arrival.

  • Complete a deep clean and full organizational overhaul. This helps to create a sense of peace and calm in those chaotic first days.
  • Set up a pack and play in an area you will be often. 
  • Organize all the baby clothes by season and size. 
  • Prepare the sleeping areas of you and baby by getting extra sheets and mattress covers for those inevitable spit-ups and blowouts. 
  • Set up a special feeding basket in your feeding area with extra burp cloths, extra nursing pads, and even snacks for all of those hours you will spend feeding your baby.

Get the Nursery Ready

Even though you may not really use a nursery for those first few months, it’s a great idea to have that space set up and ready before the arrival of the baby. This will allow you to easily organize and store all of those tiny clothes and all the gear that comes with a baby. 

Another helpful thing to include in a nursery is a changing station. It’s incredibly helpful to have a dedicated space to change a baby, with all the essentials such as diapers, wipes, and creams.

Prepare Freezer Meals and Stock Up on Essentials

Spend some more of that time at home by preparing a freezer full of ready to go meals. This will be a lifesaver and will save you energy when you have the least energy, and will help cut down on grocery trips during the first few weeks.

Also consider stocking up on essential household items, such as cleaning supplies, paper plates, personal care items, toiletries, and anything else you use on a daily basis. Save yourself some time and work before the baby arrives. #socialdistancelikeabossmom

Pack A Hospital Bag and Learn About Your Hospitals Protocols

Packing your hospital bag is an obvious check on anyone’s to-do list. But with the occurring pandemic, we now have to navigate new hospital protocols. Ask your care provider what to expect. Will you be allowed a support person and visitors? What are the visitor protocols? Can you bring in outside food? 

Research what others packed in their hospital bags. What clothing items will you and baby need? Be prepared!

Install the Car Seat

You will want to make sure the car seat is installed by 36 weeks. By doing this ahead of time, you will be able to ensure that the seat is installed safely and correctly. This will also allow you time to familiarize yourself with all of its features. And to read the instruction and safety manual fully.

Prepare for Postpartum

One of the most shocking parts of new motherhood is the postpartum phase. Pregnancy and childbirth will take a toll on your body, leaving you tired and with emotions all over the place. Talk with other moms who have gone before you, and ask what to be prepared for. 

Be Ready to Ask for Help

“It takes a village”, is never truer than in early parenthood. You cannot do it all. Prepare your village ahead of time, and be ready to ask for help. 

Newborn Care Specialist

Consider hiring a “Newborn Care Specialist”. A Newborn Care Specialist is an individual trained and skilled in newborn and infant care. They provide expertise in all aspects of newborn care. They normally come into the home for several weeks to months after the newborn arrives, providing support and helping the parents develop healthy eating, sleeping, and care routines.

You can expect Newborn Care Specialists to work either 10-12-hour overnight shifts or be hired to provide 24-hour care 5-7 days a week. They are responsible for all the tasks related to the baby’s care. All Newborn Care Specialists referred by Signet Nannies are highly skilled and experienced and are passionate about child care and have undergone our 9-tier unique and dynamic screening process.

Temporary Nanny

If you have older children that will need attention and care, consider hiring a temporary nanny. Temporary nannies are ideal for situations where a family needs child care for a brief period of time 

We hope this has been helpful to you. This is a unique and special time in your life. And if we can be of any service to you, please reach out today. You can also find more info here on our services.

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