As we approach Thanksgiving, we sure have a lot to be thankful for. Health alone is a blessing this year and something we don’t take lightly. As we spend time in gratitude, help us to remember all the many things that are in our lives and show gratitude towards others. Here’s a few simple ways to show some extra gratitude right now:

  1. Be an active listener- this goes for children and adults. Children just want you to be actively listening to them and be someone who wants to hear all they have to say
  2. Give meaningful compliments- a compliment goes a LONG way
  3. Write a thank you note or card
  4. Volunteer to help someone without being asked
  5. Do a random act of kindness and pay it forward if someone does it for you

Thanksgiving and Christmas are such magical times of the year. We would dare say that some of your favorite childhood memories are associated with the holidays. Are we right?

For us here at Signet Nannies, we have many memories of the magic of Christmas as a child.  Now that the roles have changed and we are parents, we think the we love the magic of Christmas even more, seeing it through our kids’ eyes. It is such a joy finding special ways to add any magic we can into my kids’ lives.

Finding and adding the magic is going to be even more important this coming holiday season. It has been a tough year for so many of us. The good news is the holiday season is something that most of us look forward to and that can bring some comfort.

We are going to share some ideas to create the magic for your whole family, so you can get started planning now. Because it is never too early.

Christmas Activities

2020 has been a year of challenges so why not start enjoying the holidays with some fun Christmas activities like these below! We thought these were mighty fun to bring a little extra cheer this year!

Christmas Campout from “The Dating Divas”- Decorate the tree, light it up , and enjoy a campout around the tree with the entire family.

Gift Wrapped Doorway- Your kids are going to love busting through this gift-wrapped doorway!

Decorate Your Kids Rooms- Get some festive Christmas bedding and some twinkle lights, and let your kids feel extra cozy.


Christmas Countdown

It’s always a fun time to make it a countdown to the wonderful day of Christmas. Whether you enjoy Elf on the Shelf, Advent Calendar, or some other way, find what works for your family and start on December 1st! Enjoy every moment with however you want to get the kids involved and counting down.

Christmas Can by “The Dating Divas”– Count down to the big day with daily activities perfect for the whole family.

Christmas Cookie Countdown– Count down the days to Christmas with a Christmas cookie advent! Cut one cookie off every day until Christmas Eve.

DIY Hanging Treat Bag Advent Calendar-Try making this simple and inexpensive DIY Advent calendar by hanging little treat sacks with small clothespins!

Christmas Arts and Crafts

What better time to grab out some art and crafts supplies and get to crafting! With a hard 2020, kids can make priceless crafts to give parents or other family members or to present to someone else like donating a card or craft to nursing homes, 911 responders, police officers, nurses, military, etc. There are many places that could use some cheer this season so make a fun craft or card and gift it this year!

Homemade Snow Globe– Snow globes are magical, whimsical, and fun.  And they’re super easy to make at home with the whole family.

Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art– These make great personalized cards to gift!

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath– Easily customizable to your child’s level, and makes a sweet decoration for your home.

Christmas Recipes with Kids

It’s the time of the year where holiday baking is so much fun. Grab the kids whether you are parents or nanny and get to baking and creating goodies for the holidays. It’s a great time to be a blessing to someone else too with some baked goods.

Fluffy Hot Chocolate- the best hot chocolate to make with the kids and enjoy!

Stacked Christmas Tree Cookies– a fun way to decorate individual Christmas trees with sugar cookies. A fun alternate to gingerbread houses!

Pink Ice Candy– a fun minty candy that is not only pretty to the eyes but yummy in the tummy. A fun and easy candy to make with kids.

However you are able to spend the holiday season this year, we hope it truly is a welcome and magical respite from the challenging year.

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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